Holden may not make cars in Australia anymore, but their last ever HSV has been a popular hit with car enthusiasts.

Mount Panorama, Peter Brock, The Monaro, SS, VL Turbo - these names speak royalty within the Australian car industry, but when Holden announced that they were no longer producing in cars in Australia, the whole nation shed a tear. A car manufacturer that stood the test of time and produced some truly beautiful cars providing much more than drivability.

Holden is an Australian staple, a culture and lifestyle to buyers and sellers, so you were certain that before its final send off, the engineers at HSV would most likely go out with a bang - and that’s exactly what they did with the GTS-R W1.

Paying homage to the 1995 HSV GTS-R with its stand out yellow body paint and a deck lid spoiler that was ahead of its time, the minds at Holden wanted to create a more modernised version in today's market and really produce its greatest HSV ever built.

Fast forward to 2017 and the HSV GTS-R W1 will go down in the history books within the Australian car motoring industry. The 6.2L supercharged V8, 6 speed manual packs a whopping 474KW and has car enthusiasts drooling to get behind the wheel or to even own one.

With its unique adoption both inside and out - this isn’t your ordinary HSV. Specially selected Pirelli P Zero tires, 6 Piston calipers along with ventilated discs and a super seductive alcantara trim finish throughout the seats. Did i mention the seats also offer lumbar support? Yes we can agree that is truly in fact HSV’s greatest car ever built.

Although the GTS-R starts at $170,000 with only 300 units built due to its exclusivity and high demand, it is already reaching resale prices of $300,000 online. Should we expect the price to drop like regular cars? Absolutely not - but it’s understandable for this collector’s item.

But the lingering question remains amongst car collectors & fellow Holden owners - "170k for a HSV?"

Of course we agree that $170,000 is a fair price tag for the last HSV ever built, but when you stack up comparisons between cars within the same market (which is what gave Holden the negative publicity to begin with), we think there is much better value out there for this price.

Enter the Mercedes Benz AMG C63, BMW M3 and new kid on the block; Alfa Romeo Giulia QV (Insert link to article here). All pack a lot of bang for your buck in terms of engine power, interior and exterior features, and I won’t even mention the comparisons between the M5, E63 & GTS-R because the HSV simply cannot keep up.

Don't get me wrong - the GTS-R is a true testament to the Australian motoring industry but fails within the intricate details sector where HSV has had a strong negative history with. The difference is when purchasing a C63 or a M3, you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Both cars are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer extraordinary interior fit outs with the latest technology to increase your driving experience.  

If efficient engine to power ratio and fuel consumption is what you are after, the BMW M3’s twin turbo 3.0L capacity puts out 317kw compared to the AMG C63’s 4.0L V8 biturbo that packs an amazing 374kw. But step aside says the Alfa Romeo Giulia, setting the standard with a 2.9L twin turbo v6 producing an outstanding 370kw - talk about efficiency!

Do we see the lining difference between European and Australian efficiency? It’s a non-contest and is where the GTS-R struggles to grab us, a modernised market as stated, but has failed to offer:

  • A different transmission system
  • A HSV Electronics upgrade and functional user ability
  • Plastic feel interior - 170k for that?
  • Heavy body roll throughout corners.

In the eyes of AMG, M Motorsport and Alfa Romeo's latest sporting division, focus heavily on producing proper track cars in all aspects of racing as opposed to 'straight line' power dynamics that HSV feels is more valuable to the market.

Take nothing away from the GTSR-W1, we are truly in awe of how HSV managed to surprise us in producing such a powerful car while staying true it’s motorsport roots, but the $170,000 asking price is a little steep when stacking up the comparisons.

If you are in the business of car investments, the HSV GTS-R is the ideal option. However if you are in search of true car drivability and motoring standard, look no further than the M3, C63 or the Alfa Giulia QV to test what should go into a $170,000 car.

HSV and Holden owners please feel free to roast me

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