The Moncler Genius Project

The brand has revealed their Fall 2018 collection under the new Moncler Genius Project at Milan Fashion Week.

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Representatives at Moncler have described their new Moncler Genius Project as a “Republic of Imagination”, as the company unveiled the initiative conceived by CEO and miracle worker Remo Ruffini at a special event to open Milan Fashion Week.

Moncler called upon international designers such as Hiroshi Fujiwara, Craig Green and Simone Rocha to lend their creative minds and reimagine the brand. Along with the release of limited release drops, each participating designer will also be tasked with reworking the brand’s most iconic piece - the down jacket.

If you were thinking that it was going to be a design that you probably will never see yourself wearing, think again, because the designers were all asked to keep the function of the piece in mind, as well as ensuring that the coats were warm. The brand also advised designers to approach the project and duvet as if it was a unique experiment.

The Project will be housed in the newly unveiled Moncler Genius building in Milan, and will feature seven cells. Each cell will be home to one of the seven collections that is set to be launched within the next few months.

The collaboration is Ruffini’s attempt to tap into the rise of social media as well as streetwear “drop” shoppers who have shifted buying patterns, and consume fashion differently. This rework on the company’s structure and ballsy tap into the new generation of shoppers will define the “new” Moncler.

Moncler’s innovative and functional down jackets have quickly become a popular winter uniform and status symbol (thanks Drake). One of the other main goals of the new Genius Project is to strategically expand the reach of each collection, by targeting new markets and fans of participating designers who previously wouldn’t wear Moncler products.

Only time will tell with how effective this strategic collaboration will be. Learn more about the project.

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