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Vero is an app that hopes to rival social networking sites Facebook and Instagram. We don't like its chances.

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Vero is a social media app that was established in 2015 by the billionaire son of a former Lebanese Prime Minister. The app was set to rival social networking sites Facebook and Instagram.

However, its launch in 2015 saw only a handful of downloads and subscriptions which left it hanging out with the bottom of barrel apps. Its rankings were so low that you needed to search for it, because it would not appear on any official published charts.

However, earlier this week, it miraculously shot to the top of Apple’s App Store charts and ranked highly with Google Play. This surge in rankings was contributed to a new US-focused advertising campaign targeting Facebook and Instagram users that were sick and tired of constant updates and difficult algorithms.

The main difference between Vero and other run of the mill social networking sites is that it marries Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify. The app prides itself on offering an algorithm-free chronological feed which does not display ads, and only collects minimal data from its users. Vero also allows its users to fully control what they share, with the ability to turn followers on and off on the app. Sounds too good to be true, I know.

The app is currently free to download.. If you’re quick enough. @verotruesocial tweeted on February 21 that if you were a part of the first million users, you will gain free access to Vero for life.

Vero claims that the annual fee users will need to pay means that the app won’t have to sell out and rely on advertisers. This also means your personal information won’t be sold to third-party companies in exchange for ad revenue.

Although this may be an interesting move, the people of the internet did some sleuthing and found out that “Vero can use anything you post on the site in anyway they see fit, royalty free, inside or outside the platform, “without limitation”, for as long as they wish.”

Many users also did a search on the company’s founder, and realised that his family left about 9,000 Filipino workers homeless and reliant on donations, after halting payments for their work. To top that off, deleting an account is almost impossible. (You will need to request someone in their team remove the account for you.)

We’d recommend that you stop yourself from creating account before it’s too late. Let’s be real, none of your friends would download this monstrosity of an app anyway.

Keep reading. Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.

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