Being Blondey: A Lesson in Life

Professional skateboarder, model, fashion designer and artist. This is all just another day for 20 year old Blondey McCoy.

Being the face of the world’s biggest skateboarding company Palace has grown Blondey to social stardom, but there is so much more to his story.

His unconventional traditional English mannerisms and style have been a building block for millennials to draw inspiration from, but more importantly, it’s what you can learn from such a young talent who is someone many aspire to be.


Where did it begin?

Blondey made his first cameo throughout Supreme’s FW13 lookbook. Fast forward five years and he has been going from strength to strength. From high school dropout to British cult star, Blondey’s ethics and creativity is a lesson to all those wishing to generate something from nothing. But having your best interests at heart, along with meaningful and mature qouta’s to tell your story - that is what Blondey is superbly good at.

Being a part of the legendary English skateboard scene and spotted at the infamous Southbank, Blondey was brought to the attention of Palace’s founder Lev Tanju, and he hasn’t looked back since. Whenever Palace releases a new lookbook it is almost certain Blondey will be featured, gaining more admirers and millennial followers who aspire to be like the 20 year old Brit.


Becoming more than something

Blondey isn’t your average professional skateboarder, which is why we have seen him don such high end fashion items that gives him a sense of uniqueness from the pack. His witty, intriguing and culturally important aspects on life are seen throughout his Instagram. This includes the worship of George Michael, fashion, art, showcasing his skateboarding (including video of him getting hit by a car), along with the odd feature article all make for a great influence for the many followers that discover him.

From time to time, Blondey holds a ‘garage sale’ of items he longer uses or needs, with all proceeds going towards the House of St. Barnabas on Soho Square - a 155-year-old charity that is devoted to breaking the cycle of homelessness through employment. The sale often attracts hundreds of buyers who form massive queues, vying to get their hands on rare Supreme, Palace and Thames items.


Culturally Creating

Blondey is no stranger to exploring his creativity to see where it can go culturally, and Thames is very evident of this. Adopting traditional English styles has even caught the eye of Fred Perry - whom the two recently collaborated on.

Blondey’s love for jewellery has also seen him work with British icon Stephen Webster, creating a collection which draws inspiration from streetwear and subculture. Merging two generations of fashion to produce a very unique product.

Palace, Thames, Fred Perry and Stephen Webster - so what’s next for Blondey? It doesn’t end there. Throughout 2017 Blondey was approached to star in Burberry’s trench coat campaign shot by legendary photographer Alasdier McLellan. This led to greater heights, as he was featured to create three art murals displayed across New York City’s Soho District with a ‘very British Christmas’ theme, devised around intricate pieces that Blondey considers to be sentimental.

We were exposed to more of Blondey’s artistic flair with his latest and fifth solo art exhibition titled “Beautiful Chemical Imbalance”. This was the 20 year old’s most coveted collection to date with pieces centering around the topic of his own style, crossed with a series of interpretations of objects and relics printed onto mirrors. This included a pack of cigarettes, tea cups and VHS tapes revolving around the theme of family and dependency, all while the viewer confronts the work and sees themselves invested into it - a unique take on art.


What everyone can learn from Blondey

A very creative life displayed socially proves that Blondey is an advocate for all millennials across the globe wishing to one day take their own route of creativity to a place unknown. Staying true to yourself, adopting meaningful issues to further conduct the message publicly, and of course doing what’s different from others. A creative lesson by Blondey McCoy.

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