Threads & Mortar: No Fancy Shit, Just the Basics

We caught up with Matthew Jupp from Threads & Mortar to find out how he's making clothes shopping easier for guys.

Threads & Mortar are on a journey to make clothes shopping much easier for guys. The WA subscription box service delivers stylish, basic clothes to your door on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, and wants you to “stop overthinking it” when it comes to finding new threads.

Their homepage proudly boasts “No fancy shit. Just the basics”, and despite their relatively new venture into the fashion world, Matthew Jupp and Cale Dewar have big plans to grow Threads & Mortar while continuing to make people happy.

We recently caught up with Jupp to talk about the brand, the fashion industry and Justin Bieber.

Echo Charlie: We love the idea of guys with no experience having a crack at a new industry. What were you doing before starting Threads & Mortar?

Matthew Jupp: It was the brainchild of two very different individuals. I was working full time at Channel 7 in Perth, trying to work my way up in the TV world. My business partner, Cale Dewar fixes ATMs. We come from very different backgrounds, so our different skill sets complement each other.

EC: Do you envision changing the way that Australian males purchase their clothes?

MJ: We aren’t setting out to change the way the male fashion industry runs, but we do think our service will benefit a majority of the blokes who choose to shop online. We’re something different, we’re interesting and we’re trying to make it easy for guys to get basics. Nothing too hard to grasp, just two blokes looking to make a difference.

EC: Tell us about the office and garage that you operate from.

MJ: All of our gear is in 100’s of boxes stored in my shed, and we are slowly getting around to adding some shelving, but time is money and we need to prioritise. It works for us and it’s easy to get home from the day job and pick and pack orders. It suits us!

EC: Have you encountered any negative advice advising you to stay clear of the fashion industry?

MJ: YES, all the time! It’s natural for people to default to the negative when they are unsure about something. We get plenty of negativity towards what we do, but that is certainly balanced by the positive feedback we receive from friends, family and lovers of our product. It’s a big bad world out there and if you get in to something like this, you have to expect to cop some criticism on the chin. We embrace that, and in fact it only drives us forward.

EC: What’s the ultimate goal for Threads & Mortar?

MJ: We would love to turn Threads in to a full time gig for both of us. I suppose that is our personal goal. We are a fair way off that, but we have the potential to get there. We enjoy making people happy as well... we know there is nothing better than a fresh drop of clothes rocking up to your door. It’s pleasing to see our customers enjoy our service and we like to be as personable as possible.

EC: What do the guys from Threads & Mortar do in their spare time? Do you have any spare time!?

MJ: Of course we have spare time, you need to make time for yourself. We’d both go insane if we didn’t take some time to chill out every now and then. We’re both lovers of sport, so our spare time revolves around any activity that we can either watch or play! We enjoy knocking the top off a couple of froths as well.

EC: If you could get anyone in the world to model your brand, who would you pick?

MJ: Great question. I suppose the bigger the name, the better the reach. Anyone from Drake, to Bradley Cooper and everyone in between.

EC: Your website features your own Threads & Mortar Spotify playlist, were there any embarrassing tunes that didn’t make the cut?

MJ: As embarrassing as it is to admit, we are both big Justin Bieber fans. We used to crank it out at pre-drinks and have a good sing-a-long. Not really afraid to say we both went to his gig in Perth! He’s fresh. We like the guy.

 EC: If you had to include a different item in your T&M boxes? What would it be?

MJ: I’m trying to bring male rings back. If we could whack a cool black band in there I reckon we may be able to start the trend.

EC: What’s your fashion advice for a short, chubby dude like myself?

MJ: Surround yourself with chubbier dudes. Nothing worse than hanging out with rip sticks and you’re too afraid to get the kit off. Seriously though, we do advise baggy tees, those fits are glory on anybody, and can also hide the 5000 Easter eggs you put away.


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