Cntrl – Tab Google’s “Song Maker” In The Office

Google has released a new music creation tool called 'Song Maker' on their Chrome Music Lab. And it's foolproof.

Google usually takes the cake for creating simple technology for users, and now the tech giant has released a spanking new music creation tool called “Song Maker” on their Chrome Music Lab.

The browser based program allows any aspiring musician to program loops for two instruments of their choice. You will then be able to save and send it to someone else for collaboration or scrutiny.

The sequencer was launched for Music in School month, and the good news is that it was designed to be very easy to use.

“Song Maker” has two main parts: with the main portion for melody and the secondary portion for rhythm. So how do you input notes? Simple. Users can either draw the notes using your mouse, a keyboard, and even a finger if you’re using a phone or tablet.

The program was made to be foolproof, meaning that it automatically sets available notes based on the scale you choose (you’ll stay in key and make music that doesn’t sound half-bad). Have a tune in your head but don’t know what the notes are? No problem, the program has a mic function that allows you to sing into Song Maker.

Chrome Music Lab was launched in 2016 by Google Creative Lab. As of now, the Chrome Music Lab houses 13 free experimental programs, including Arcade, which lets you tap sample pads to program loops, and Oscillators which involves picking a character, and clicking and dragging it to view the frequency value.

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