Here’s Your Chance to Create Your Own Air Max Shoe

Nike's ON AIR program will allow the public to create their own Air Max shoe. So what are you waiting for?

Nike revealed a long line of workshops and activities for the public on Air Max Day, alongside of course, celebrating the shoes we know and love from the Air Max line.

This year, Nike has surprised us with interactive events which will include a design workshop series titled Nike: ON AIR program.

The series will be held in New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai and lets the public dip their toes into the process of bringing their favorite sneakers to life.

A statement released by Nike wrote, “The program grants participants an opportunity to create the ultimate articulation of one of 10 Air Max icons for their city through creative sessions that will encompass the briefing, concept building and mood boarding stages of design.” And no, you don’t need to have prior design experience to take part in the workshop.

The beauty of the workshops being held in different cities is that each city has a different design brief due to the nature of the local environment. The participants of the workshop will all be tasked to design a new Air Max for their respective city, and will be supported throughout the day by Nike designers and guest mentors.

The day is shaped by the following five stages of footwear product creation:

1. Concept development: Participants will explore ideas and research the subject of the design brief and form the initial story behind their concept.

2. Silhouette selection: The program’s silhouettes will be revealed and, in partnership with Nike designers and guest mentors, the participants will select the one that best fits their respective concept.

3. Material exploration: Nike designers will lead a deep dive into material theory, exploring a variety of swatches to select the elements of the chosen silhouette’s upper.

4. Colour exploration: Participants will get a lesson in colour theory and will be guided through the process of selecting colours that best express the intent of their concept.

5. Embellishment: Participants will learn about and apply post-embellishment techniques ranging from laser engraving to embroidery - the final steps in bringing their imagined vision to life.

All participants will have the chance to submit their final designs to a judging panel made up of Nike designers and city ambassadors. Once the panel has voted for their top three pairs of sneakers, the designs will be made into 3D designs and will be uploaded onto Nike’s On Air website for a global vote. The most voted design in each city will then go into production and be made available on a later date.

If you’re in one of these cities, and have a dream to create a shoe, what’s stopping you? “Just do it!”

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