Supreme Accessories: Larger Than Life

Supreme produces some of the most popular clothing on the planet, but their accessories are just as memorable.

Supreme, New York - one of the biggest streetwear brands in the world - if not the biggest. Supreme has come a long way since their standalone Lafayette street store opening back in 1993, and now have stores in London, LA, Japan, Paris, while recently opening up a second store within the greater New York area - Brooklyn. Supreme is clinically backed by a large global following from all walks of life with celebrities, athletes and re-sellers providing that popularity amongst buyers.

With every seasonal and weekly drop you can expect three things - hype, large lines and online resell prices to go through the roof. For some it’s a way of life; buying and selling Supreme, and wearing it from head to toe. For others it’s a form of being fashionably different which is what Supreme excel at when it comes to designing their clothing range.

Solely responsible for launching and sponsoring the biggest professional skaters of yesteryear right up until the present, the unique brand still involves past team members in some form or another - whether it be managing stores, providing creative direction amongst clothes or still being brand models. Supreme treats their employees like a family which is highly commendable and rare in a modern, fast paced industry.

When you browse through a Supreme lookbook you notice that they only use friends, family and their professional skateboard team riders as models, because this is who they are speaking to, and how they express it one way or another is in a league of its own.

We are aware that Supreme touches on certain topics with their clothing range such as politics, controversy, and vintage and design imitations on american culture brands. All four elements create a fantastic foundation which appeals to a widespread, global market.

Their most popular clothing items amongst buyers are the infamous box logos - collaborations with brand giants such as Nike, Champion USA and Levi’s Denim which notably leads to an even bigger part of Supreme - a wide range of accessories.

Accessories are something that Supreme does extradtionaly well, as it covers all bases of miscellaneously, covering anything out of the ordinary. Somewhere along the journey these items became a must-have amongst collectors. Possibly due to the iconic Supreme logo reaffirming the brand’s amazing reputation.

You could argue that during occasional weekly drops the hype around accessories is far greater than that of clothing items. The accessories can range anywhere between keychains, utensils, kitchenware and many other everyday item. This generates a massive amount of hype and many items are then placed on the secondary market with a huge price tag.

Supreme goes from strength to strength in terms of their accessories department, attracting buyers from around the globe. When their seasonal preview hits the website you can be sure that potential buyers will be ramiging through the accessories section to get themselves prepared for release day or better yet, organising proxies through digital forums to secure their favoured accessory.

We are positive you have seen it all in terms of accessories that have dropped over the years, some you may have loved, hated or just completely wondered “Why!?”. To reiterate on this, we have curated our own favourite yet unusual list of accessories which will be judged on current resale price, aesthetics and why this accessory was either good or bad - enjoy!

Supreme Salt & Pepper Shakers

Your kitchen table and pantry essentials - breakfast being the most important meal of the day, or a nice home cooked roast is all the more reason to salt and pepper your meals the Supreme way. These shakers are also highly valuable collectors amongst resellers on the market today, but come at a affordable price

Grade: 10/10
Current Resale Price: $60 - $80 USD
Aesthetics: 10/10

Supreme Dog Bowl

The question remains, if you have enough supreme to wear amongst your whole body where else do you turn to? Your pet canine of course - so why not make sure your own dog is only drinking out of the best dog bowls on the market. When you invite visitors over we are pretty sure they’ll think you have gone over the top! It’s not something you would put on your priority list - but that’s okay as this item is highly regarded amongst collectors around the world.

Grade: 8/10
Current Resale Price: $200 - $600 USD
Aesthetics: 10/10

Supreme x Coleman Monkey Bike

When last seasons preview dropped, the Supreme resale market went into a frenzy due to such a boisterous and unique item that no one had ever seen from the brand before. This accessory would have to be on the top of the list for buyers. Who wouldn’t want to own a monkey bike that has collaborated with Supreme? It’s a resellers must-have in terms of usability, practicality and would look cool posing there in your lounge room.

Grade: 10/10
Current Resale Price: $1000 - $3000USD
Asethetics: 10/10

Supreme Brick

There were alot of questions raised when Supreme unveiled their brick accessory some positive, but mainly negative. What purpose would it serve to buyers? Why would anyone buy this? If you did buy it then you were considered to be throwing your money away and really proving to be a Supreme slave. No one really knows why Supreme did such a thing - was it maybe a public experiment to see how buyers would react? It seemed to work as these bricks were sold out within the first 5 minutes online and remain a collectors item.

Grade: 3/10
Current Resale Price: $700 - $1000
Asethetics: 5/10

Supreme Money Gun

This accessory without doubt revolved around the culture that is money (obviously), strip club items and just plain unnecessary. Much like the brick, what purpose does a money gun serve? You’d be surprised, this money gun would be the face of slow motion videos across social media with thousands of people shooting fake Supreme dollar bills all over themselves, and anyone in there way - you could even say that it was probably the purpose behind this item.

Grade: 4/10
Current Resale Price: $200 - $400 USD
Asethetics: 8/10

If it’s one thing we could all learn from Supreme and their ability to market unusual but creatively genius accessories, it’s their driving force to understand who they are selling to. Shown here are proven examples of how well Supreme think outside the box creatively.

Who would even think to sell a brick? Or a money gun? No one, but it is the brand innovators that Supreme employ to remain at the top of the industry and create new items to become leaders in their own right.

Accessories, a creative lesson by the geniuses at Supreme, New York.

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