When a Kid Pulls Off Moncler Better Than You

Gone are the days when hand-me-downs were chic. Today we see more young children copping the best in streetwear.

When I was a young one, I was rocking some sick OshKosh overalls and a ratty old hand-me-down tee because I was going for the country bumpkin/I ruin everything vibe. But gone are the days when hand-me-downs were chic, and today we see more young children copping the best in streetwear from their stylish parents.

Although we usually look to creative director’s of our favorite streetwear brands as influencers on Instagram, we felt that we may need to refresh our existing list with some micro fashion superstars.


Mike The Ruler

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We first chanced upon Michael Hope, also known as Mike the Ruler when he was a VFILES intern back in 2014. He’s been an Instagram and streetwear star since he was only 14. An interview with New York Magazine profiled him at 13 years young walking through NYC and talking about Rick Owens, Supreme and picking up Been Trill in a hidden nook of Chinatown.


Ivan Zinko

It’s no surprise that street stylist and designer Natasha Zinko would raise a child so intune with the latest trends. The 10 year old is already working on a collaboration with his mum which is available at Harrods, and has a following of 55.4k followers. Check out Ivan and his mom walking down a street in Paris. Choice of accessories? A Dior Homme skateboard and Goyard bag around his neck. It’s 2018.. fuck carrying bags the regular way.



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This seven year old is spearheading the fashion scene in Tokyo. Coco’s sense of style is not just kawaii but also incredibly Harajuku-esque. Her mother owns and manages her Instagram page which has over 505k followers, but she doesn’t really care too much about the likes, and is driven instead by how her images inspire others. Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ didn’t convince me to consider investing in a Moncler down jacket, Coco did.


Semsi Salvino

Balenciaga sneakers, Supreme outerwear, the list continues. His age is unknown to the world, but “Semi the Path Finder” has a humble following of 32.7k followers on Instagram. How does he keep his sneakers so clean and unscathed? 12 year old me would have really benefited from not wrecking my shoes.


Dear Giana

Not only is this eight year old into fashion and styling micro fashion pieces, she’s an art prodigy who was recently featured in Vogue. In that interview, Giana cites finding her signature style in illustration at age five, an image which is made out of half a photo with the other half completed in pencils and drawing material.

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