2018 Hypothetical Entourage Update

It's been a while since Entourage was last on our screens, so we tracked down the stars of the show for a much needed update.

Believe it or not, it’s now been over two and a half years since Vinny Chase and the boys appeared on the big screen with the highly anticipated Entourage movie. While the movie did provide a nice, light-hearted conclusion to the amazing TV series, it did leave many fans wanting more.

After rewatching the series from start to finish in one lazy Uber Eats fueled weekend, we decided to hit the road and track down the lovable lads from Queens for an update on their fascinating lives.



After shocking the film industry with his flawless directing debut in Hyde, Vince has been busy perfecting the sequel - appropriately named Jekyll. While he has been given creative freedom this time around, he’s once again tested Ari’s patience, pleading for more money to finish off the film in time for its’ summer release.

Vince is playing the lead role in this film, and has controversially invited Medellin director and old acquaintance Billy Walsh to help polish off the final scenes. Billy is still hell-bent on redemption from the infamous flop of Medellin, and has began writing an El Chapo biopic. Many film critics have already started to dismiss Billy’s latest drug-lord inspired idea.

Despite being super dedicated to Jekyll, Vince has also agreed to direct an upcoming film about an egomaniac, bad tempered Hollywood agent (no prizes for guessing who was the inspiration for that idea).

Once again, Vince’s private life is in the spotlight, as he is now Hollywood’s most sought after bachelor following countless failed relationships. Emily Ratajkowski, Miley Cyrus and fellow Queens icon Nicki Minaj have all dated Vince in the past two years, yet he still refuses to settle down. TMZ recently reported that he was spotted with Taylor Swift at LA hotstop 1 OAK, but both parties have refused to comment.



Everything is going great for our man Sal (aka Turtle), he's now engaged to Ronda Rousey and is also her business manager. They have launched the Rowdy Rousey fitness app which has been a huge success, and recently bought a mansion in Beverly Hills.

Turtle continues to make more money from his Avion investment and his portfolio is growing at a rapid rate. Word in the bitcoin community is that he jumped on board early for a very low price, but has refused to confirm or deny this claim.

While no one knows exactly how much money he has made, Turtle has become very close to Mark Cuban, and now owns a small percentage of the Dallas Mavericks! This has led to a few appearances on Shark Tank, where he proudly rocked a Yankee jersey for his debut episode to impress fellow Shark and former Yankee star Alex Rodriguez.

Cuban has also reaped the benefits of this friendship, tagging along with the Entourage guys for many nights out in LA. This has not been received well by Johnny Drama - who is trying to convince Cuban to partner up and launch a cigar brand named "Cubans".

2018 is set to be another successful year for Turtle, as his new record label has signed its first artist - Chance The Rapper. After many trips back and forth to Chicago, Turtle has somehow managed to convince Chance to start selling his music.


Johnny Drama

As usual, everything is a Drama when it comes to Johnny, with a very public feud with DJ Khaled keeping him in the gossip columns.

After being cut from the final version of Khaled's "I'm the one" music video, Drama lost his temper and foolishly called the superstar DJ "fat" in an interview with Variety Magazine. This caused Khaled to brand Drama as part of "they", repeatedly stating that "they don't want you to win" whenever Johnny's name was mentioned.

Drama was then refused entry to Khaled and Diddy's New Year's Eve party in Miami, causing the Viking Quest hero to beg for forgiveness. As always, Vince worked his magic and convinced Khaled to let Johnny into the party - on the proviso that the Chase boys give Asahd a new gold baby-sized Rolls Royce, which still has not happened.

Drama is still riding the wave of his Golden Globe in 2015, and will heavily feature in Jekyll, where he has promised Vince another award or he'll "leave the acting world forever and move back to Queens".

He’s had a busy 12 months voicing a character in a new cartoon comedy for Amazon, while his podcast with Andrew 'Dice' Clay and Bill Simmons has millions of loyal listeners. Due to high demand, Drama/Tarvold is scheduled to make a return to Comic-Con this year. Oh and he's still single.


Ari Gold

Despite many promises to his amazing wife, Ari is still an ill-tempered workaholic. In early 2017, he accepted a record-breaking offer from Jeff Bezos to be the Studio Head of Amazon Films, and the pressure is now on Vince to deliver a masterpiece with the forthcoming Jekyll.

Unsurprisingly, Ari has hired Dana Gordon as Studio Executive, while former apprentice Lloyd is in charge of talent, picking up where they left off, minus the derogatory jokes.

Although he still has the famous Ari Gold temper, a softer side of Ari has recently emerged, and he has shed many tears watching his children grow up. Daughter Sarah is studying at USC, where she has been dating star quarterback Sam Darnlold. Of course Ari is not thrilled with his baby girl being involved with a football jock, and spends many Saturdays at the LA Coliseum criticising the QB's performance.

Without doubt, the biggest news from Ari is his amazing feud with Lavar Ball. The man behind the Big Baller Brand convinced Ari to become a "Big Baller" and buy 10 pairs of BBB shoes for his family, but after three months, the shoes had not yet arrived.

This resulted in an embarrassing courtside confrontation during a Lakers game, where Ball called Gold a "small baller”, sparking a push-and-shove which required security intervention. The embarrassing scene attracted global attention and continues to be the source of numerous internet memes.

Thankfully, the two finally put their differences aside and smoothed things over on ESPN's First Take, as Stephen A. Smith threatened to "throw both their asses out of the Staples Centre if they don't improve their preposterous behaviour".

Ari still has dreams of owning an NFL team, and was recently granted a license for a new Major League Soccer franchise - "LA Gold".



Family life has forced E to knuckle down and grow up fast, but he absolutely loves it. Sloan is pregnant with baby number two coming in July, and their daughter Ryan has told many people that her younger sibling will be named "Turtle".

With the help of old sparring partner Scott Lavin, Eric has relaunched The Murphy Group, and former P.A Jane has happily rejoined the company.

E and Sloan are silent partners in the brand new Sbarro's Pizza restaurant in Santa Monica - living up to his “Pizza Boy” label. When asked why the family invested in a low-budget Pizza store, E cheekily replied; "Mainly to piss off Ari" (Their least popular slice is called "The Ari", and only costs $1).

Sloan also has a lot on her plate, and is helping Vince and Turtle launch a new charity foundation back in Queens. Cashed-up Turtle kindly allows her to use his private jet to travel to and from the Big Apple (yet not even Forbes Magazine can figure out his net worth!)

From the moment Entourage debuted with the premiere of Head On, the boys have stuck by each other through good times and bad, from Queens to Hollywood via some of the most amazing places in the world. Throughout the entire series, one thing has helped them overcome every hurdle - loyalty. It’s now 2018 and although the money and fame continues to grow, the boys are still the same group of friends who we fell in love with back in 2004.

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