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Echo Charlie picks 5 Netflix shows to binge watch.

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In a recent statement released by Netflix chief financial officer, David Wells, he states that the popular entertainment streaming service will have 700 original television shows and movies by the end of 2018.

March will see more new releases for your best couch buddy. Upcoming releases this month include a new season for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Seven Seconds, Love, Dark among others. However, there are just so many shows you can binge and we thought it would be an ace to curate a list of Netflix Originals you can stunt your productivity with.


Ugly Delicious

The new Netflix eight-part food series sees David Chang, the founder of the Momofuku restaurant group, examining foods from around the world. The show marries travel, cooking and history which wets any foodie’s appetite.

Alongside David is food writer Peter Meehan, who is the former $25-and-under restaurant critic and editor and co-founder of Lucky Peach. Fans of Lucky Peach will find resemblance in the show and the now defunct magazine.

10/10 can watch while eating dinner.


BoJack Horseman

Here in the office, we’re big fans of animated TV series. Will Arnett stars as a depressed/ wash-up star of a 90’s show Horsin’ Around. The show revolves around BoJack (who is quite literally a horseman) big plan on being relevant again, he hires a ghost writer named Diane Ngyuen to assist him in writing the tell-all autobiography.

The series satirises the celebrity culture, current events and politics of the entertainment industry but does an outstanding job of having a realistic take on the issue that come with fame - such as depression, substance abuse, and anxiety.

7/10 can watch while eating dinner.


Samurai Gourmet

Unless you’re fluent in Japanese and require reading subtitles, we’d recommend watching this in between brunch and dinner. Samurai Gourmet follows 60-year-old retired salary man, Takeshi Kasumi, who finds new purpose in exploring food in his neighbourhood.

The show is heavily inspired by an essay and manga series titled Kodoku no Gourmet by Japanese author Masayuki Kusumi. What makes this show an absolute winner is his fantasy companion, a rogue samurai, who inspires him to take charge of this new chapter in his life.

8/10 can watch while eating dinner. (Oishi desu.)



Narcos is a show based on cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar, the DEA agents investigating him and the drug cartel that gets introduces after his fall. The first season was absolutely riveting and it set the tone for equally amazing second and third seasons. Netflix is set to release the fourth season some time this year, so we would recommend catching up while you can.

Drugs, shootouts and political conflict? Count me in.

7/ 10 can watch while eating dinner. (Not for the faint hearted.)

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