A Modern Jerry Maguire Remake

'Show me the money!' Who could step up to the plate if the 1996 sports classic featuring Tom Cruise was remade today?

There is no doubt that Jerry Maguire was a sports film well ahead of its time. Centering on a hotshot agent who decides it’s time to start exercising a moral conscience, who is then fired for his good intentions.

If you haven’t seen the 1996 film (and you should), successful sports agent Jerry - played by Tom Cruise - is forced to branch out on his own and his left with just only one client and one employee. As the story progresses, his relationship and faith in both of them grow, and Jerry is finally rewarded for his efforts.

It’s a movie which combines sport, romance and drama so well, and although Tom Cruise might not be the most likeable actor in Hollywood, his character has the viewer barracking for this feel good story.

As Jerry Maguire was released over 20 years ago, the world of sports has now changed dramatically, and we believe 2018 is the perfect time for a remake of the popular sports agent story. But who is capable enough of stepping up to the plate to knock this film out of the ballpark?


Jerry Maguire: Played by Bradley Cooper

2018 is Bradley Cooper’s year - his beloved Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, and now we’re casting him to play Jerry Maguire.

Similar to the original, he will have a strong moral conscience, but with modern day sports stars finding themselves in more scandals than ever before, Jerry will go the extra mile to rid his agency of any bad apples.

To do this, he implements a rule that will make worldwide headlines and be ridiculed by every other sports agent. That rule, is that all of his athletes must be scandal free, and if any are caught breaking the law or are even perceived as a bad person, they will be immediately cut from his representation.

This causes a huge backlash at the office, and just like the original, Jerry is fired by the cocky young agent he mentored - played by Zac Efron in our remake.

Again, he goes out on his own with just one employee, who this time will be Minka Kelly (better known as Lyla from Friday Night Lights) replacing Renee Zellweger. Immediately a love story will develop and they will get married. But as sports are now a 24/7 industry and technology has evolved, Jerry will be glued to his iPhone checking texts, tweets, and everything else throughout the wedding, and the whole film in general.

His only remaining athlete is Rod Tidwell, played by Creed star MIchael B. Jordan instead of Cuba Gooding Jr, and Rod will eventually land the contract of a lifetime for staying loyal to both Jerry and the Arizona Cardinals.


Rod Tidwell: Played by Michael B. Jordan

Just like the first version of Jerry Maguire, Rod Tidwell be a loud, trash talking wide receiver, begging for the huge contract extension he deserves. To add some further drama, the Cardinals will threaten to trade him to the Buffalo Bills. This will cause him to become extremely stressed as he doesn’t want to leave the beautiful weather of Arizona for the harsh cold Buffalo winter.

Thankfully, his loyalty to Jerry ends up paying off in a big way, because our favourite sports agent goes above and beyond to convince the Cardinals to offer him a life changing contract with guaranteed money.

Of course, Jerry Maguire could not be remade without the famous “Show me the Money” scene, but this time, it comes with a modern twist. A member of Rod’s entourage films him yelling the famous quote on his iPhone, and immediately posts it from the wide receiver’s instagram account.

This immediately goes viral, and within two hours, the “Show me the Money” challenge takes over the internet, with people from Texas to Tasmania filming themselves mimicking Tidwell.



Dorothy: Played by Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly fills this role perfectly, as Jerry’s only loyal employee and his eventual wife. However, in this modern remake she’s more than just a secretary, she’s an aspiring agent who has a massive impact on the business. Dorothy is also an influential part of Jerry’s pitch to the Cardinals to give Rod Tidwell his new contract.

As the film ends, she completes her eventful apprenticeship and opens a new sports agency business with Jerry.


Bob Sugar: Played by Zac Efron

Only one man can play the brash, arrogant sports agent rival of Jerry Maguire - Zac Efron. Similar to Jay Mohr’s original character, Sugar takes pleasure in firing his former mentor, and constantly mocks him as a “wannabe saint” for implementing his strict moral policy.

In this modern version of the film, we’ll embroil him in a cocaine scandal which leads to national embarrassment, causing him to lose many star athletes.


Frank and Matt Cushman: Played by Taylor Lautner and Matthew McConaughey

The father-son duo will once again be dishonest to Jerry Maguire and leave him for rival Bob Sugar. But after a season of off-field turmoil, the number one draft pick will eventually rejoin Jerry - and clean up his image. Jerry is reluctant, but “Cush” promises to avoid any further misdemeanours to abide by the agent’s strict moral policy.

Frank Cushman (played by Twilight star Taylor Lautner) will be cast as a Johnny Manziel type of character in this remake: an electric quarterback with a bad attitude and a huge wrap sheet. His dad will be your typical Texas tycoon, perfectly played by Matthew McConaughey. “Alright alright alright!”

Although the original does give the star quarterback a decent role, the 2018 version will heavily feature Frank Cushman and his father Matt throughout the entire film, as they will be highly outspoken and problematic - think Lavar Ball.

Matt Cushman is a multi millionaire who made his money from property in Texas, and drives Jerry crazy with his desire to be seen and heard on just about every media outlet in the USA.

As the film credits begin to roll, the unpredictable QB will be traded from Denver to Arizona, on the proviso that he stays out of trouble and will be mentored by none other than Rod Tidwell.

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